VEB Eberswalder Brauerei

what brewery

where Eberswalde

when 1868 - 1993

visited in 2008





This brewery was born in 1868 as Waldschlösschen Brauerei, particularly renowned for its "Fuhrmatz" beer variety. Many owners succeeded until 1910, when the factory began to be known as Eberswalder Brauerei. Due to the rising of the German Democratic Republic and the following nationalization of the economy, the brewery became a VEB (people-owned enterprise). Eberswalder Brauerei survived to the GDR dissolution for a few years only. Too small and obsolete for the new market economy the old brewery was closed in 1993. Today the Bierakademie, a fine beer restaurant/guesthouse located within the site, keeps alive the memory of Eberswalder Brauerei through very good beer and vintage photographies on walls. Warmly suggested!




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